PoSed makes summer time sizzle!


Love finding cute couples poses and PoSed continues to make adorable ones. They appear at events and also at the main store. This one is available on the MP and also at the main store! Come down and check out all their poses!

PoSed Love Swing Couples Bento Pose

photo by Rapture


PosEd is bringing out “sexy”!

Dark Secrets Two

PosEd is creating some incredibly sexy poses for singles and couples. Some come with props that are easily interchangeable with something from your own inventory. So the  possibilities are endless for some super sexy photos!! This is their newest pose, both available in world at their store and in MP

PosEd Let’s Play Couples Bento Pose, comes with handcuff props

photo by Rapture

Celebrating continues, but don’t delay, get to The Avenue before its gone!


SamPoses continues to put out some incredible poses, sadly they are going on hiatus for a few months, but their poses will be available on MP! New Years is always a reason to celebrate. Come down to The Avenue for something new for your avatar, Shana has 3 incredible tats for most mesh body types

SamPoses Champagne Bento Pose

SHANA Ash Tattoo for most mesh body types

photo by RaptureThe Avenue