PosEd is a main stay for incredible poses!

You promised me

PosEd continues to bring some great poses. Each one is so unique and fun to play with. Just to get the right lighting and movement is a fun challenge!! Make it to their main store or on MP.

PosEd Lost in my own mind Pose , bento

photo by Rapture


Pose Fair ending soon!!

a cold winters night

Winter is upon us , its time to cuddle up with the one you love. PosEd has some incredible poses at the Pose Fair. But hurry, its ending the 31rst of January! So hurry down and check out all that PosEd has to offer!

PosEd Feeling Safe Bento Pose for Couples

photo by Rapture

Celebrating continues, but don’t delay, get to The Avenue before its gone!


SamPoses continues to put out some incredible poses, sadly they are going on hiatus for a few months, but their poses will be available on MP! New Years is always a reason to celebrate. Come down to The Avenue for something new for your avatar, Shana has 3 incredible tats for most mesh body types

SamPoses Champagne Bento Pose

SHANA Ash Tattoo for most mesh body types

photo by RaptureThe Avenue